Our mold restoration professionals are dedicated to helping protect your property. We are a CERTIFIED MOLD REMEDIATION COMPANY. We are qualified and reliable technicians.


We want you to be at peace in the comforts of your home or business. First, we perform a complete inspection through our moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and air/surface sample collection.          


Once we send the samples to our laboratory and a report is made, we ensure to do the mold removal actions right away. We also perform a clearance test after all the removal techniques are applied. Our mold remediation services will help detect the scope and extent of the mold, and will put a stop to it immediately. You can rely on us by only giving you the most accurate of results. We’re known in our field by our reliability and validity, and you’re sure to get more than what you paid for.


Here at GWR, we put our priority to provide quality service, the kind of service we know our customers deserve. We’ll never put their health or comfort at risk by making sure that our services meet the highest sanitation standard.


If you’re afraid that your house may be at risk of mold or spore formation, or you feel that mold removal service you recently got isn’t enough to put a stop to all your allergic reactions, call us so we can help sort out your problem! We’re the go-to company of homeowners in South Florida, especially for mold remediation services.               


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